Cat Face Harness DLX

Face harness from the collab Bold + Marcelo Bonito

Made of double layer straps ( one of 100% genuine leather and one of eco-leather)

Non-oxidizable buckles for adjustment and metals

note: the size is adjustable


Cat Face Harness DLX

Color: Black
  • - Do not store accessories stacked.

    It is important to keep the accessories always stretched, for it won't presents marks and deformations.


    - Do not leave your piece exposed to the sun.

    The sun contributes to the fading color and drying of the leather.


    - Do not dry with hot air, it warps the leather.

    If it gets wet, remove the excess with a dry cloth and let it dry naturally in the shade.


    - Clean with a dry cloth.

    Do not use cleaning products as they can stain the leather.


    - Hydrate your piece.

    Once or twice a year apply specific moisturizer for leather (you can find it in shoe stores), so that your piece will have more durability.

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